Mental Health Awareness Webinar

As part of our Wellness Activity, on February 28, 2024, WJ Middle East was thrilled to have hosted a recent Mental Health Awareness Webinar in association with Aster Clinic. webinar aimed to shed light on the significance of mental health in our daily lives and provide valuable insights on managing stress, maintaining work-life balance, and seeking support when needed.

In our ongoing commitment to the well-being of our employees, we believe that nurturing mental health is as vital as physical health. We understand the challenges and pressures that can arise in both personal and professional spheres, and we want to ensure that our team feels supported and empowered to prioritize their mental well-being.

To Dr. Salman Kareem, we extend our sincerest gratitude for your illuminating contribution and dedication to destigmatizing mental health awareness and fostering a culture of empathy and support. Your expertise and passion have profoundly impacted our employees and enriched our collective understanding of mental wellness. Your insights have inspired our team to prioritize mental wellness in both our personal and professional lives.

To Anjo Joy (Business Development Executive -Aster), we wanted to take a moment to thank you for your exceptional efforts in organizing and arranging this important event.

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Anu ThomasMental Health Awareness Webinar

WJ Middle East Celebrates Diversity and Inclusion

As part of our Wellness Activity, on 16 November 2023, WJ Middle East hosted an extraordinary Cultural Diversity Activity. This special event brought together the diverse backgrounds and culinary delights of our employees, resulting in a day filled with delicious flavors and unforgettable experiences.

As soon as we stepped into the venue, the air was filled with an intoxicating blend of aromas from around the world. Each employee had the opportunity to showcase their culinary heritage by bringing in dishes representing their cultural backgrounds. From the bold and spicy flavors of Indian curries to the delicate, nuanced tastes of Filipino food and especially tastes of Emirati food.

The event was a true culinary adventure, with employees joyfully sharing their treasured family recipes and explaining the significance of each dish. It was attractive to discover the stories behind the food, learning about the traditions and customs that have shaped the unique flavors of each culture.

The Cultural Diversity Activity on 16 November 2023 was a resounding success, thanks to the enthusiastic participation and contributions of each employee. It showcased the power of food as a unifying force and highlighted the incredible wealth of experiences that we bring to the table.

As we move forward, let’s carry the spirit of this event in our hearts, celebrating and embracing diversity every day. By fostering a culture of inclusivity, we can continue to create an environment where everyone feels valued, appreciated, and respected.

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Anu ThomasWJ Middle East Celebrates Diversity and Inclusion

WJ Groundwater attended the Philippines – UAE High Level Construction and Related Engineering Services Roundtable Meeting

Mr. Paul Turner, Overseas Director of WJ Middle East, was invited for a High-Level Construction and Related Engineering Services Roundtable Meeting at Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates in Dubai on the 10th of February 2022.

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Anu ThomasWJ Groundwater attended the Philippines – UAE High Level Construction and Related Engineering Services Roundtable Meeting

Corporate Challenge for WJ-ME!

Staff from WJ-ME competed in a corporate day

With a focus on strengthening team bonds, WJ Team Steffin, Anu, Donna and Johannes were appointed to a corporate challenge which required mental and physical fitness, quick thinking and teamwork while having a blast! WJ’s insurance provider has organized this event, held on 28th September 2019. It was a thrilling, fun-filled adventure participated by more than 50 organisations that made up of over 94 teams.

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KLCorporate Challenge for WJ-ME!

WJ Supports SmartReading Program

SmartLife, a non-profit organization established in 2009 and which started as a voluntary group distributing food in labour camps has now expanded with a dozen projects under its banner. All projects are free of charge and work towards the betterment of blue collar workers in Dubai.

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CIWJ Supports SmartReading Program

Qatar Update: New Year, New Office

The beginning of a new era has been ushered in at the Doha headquarters in Qatar. WJ Groundwater Qatar has finally bid farewell to 2016, the Fereej Kulaib office and moved to new premises in Fereej Bin Omran. The move was finalised on the last day of February (2017). The project was led and chiefly organised by WJ Groundwater’s Doha-based office staff, headed by Admin Officer Randy Lazaro with aplomb.

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WJ GroundwaterQatar Update: New Year, New Office

Qatar Update: Work hard, play hard!


Recently, our Qatar base put together a cricket team called Magnum-11 consisting of the finest, most committed and enthusiastic sports fans from WJ Groundwater’s management and site teams.

Led by Govindaswamy Shankar they are now a fixture on the local Doha league tables and have proved to be a force to be reckoned with – Magnum Force.

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WJ GroundwaterQatar Update: Work hard, play hard!