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WJ Supports SmartReading Program

SmartLife, a non-profit organization established in 2009 and which started as a voluntary group distributing food in labour camps has now expanded with a dozen projects under its banner. All projects are free of charge and work towards the betterment of blue collar workers in Dubai.

Backed by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, private companies and Dubai Industrial Park – Tecom CSR Team, the diverse programs are the NGO’s way of expressing gratitude to the myriad workers behind the luxurious structures and towering skyscrapers that have become synonymous to the city of Dubai.

WJ Groundwater supports SmartLife’s initiatives and has sent nine of our site personnel for evaluation and screening for the second batch of SmartReading Program, which aims to elevate their English speaking and reading skills. Ms. Manjula Ramakrishnan, SmartLife spokesperson and Project Lead for SmartReading remarked, “I truly appreciate this kind of enthusiasm from the [WJ] management side.” The training began on 8 September 2017 and will end on 26 January 2018. Every Friday, for the whole course duration, around 440 blue-collar workers will be taught from 3 to 5 PM by around 40 permanent and 8 substitute teachers divided into 18 classrooms in Al Quoz, Sonapur, JLT and Jebal Ali. Spoken English classes will cover topics such as food, transport, air travel, bank, visit to the doctor, family, work, health, fitness and other topics that will be useful for their everyday activities. Reading classes constitutes simple short stories.

All our nine site personnel were selected so we have supplied their study materials and transportation to aid them on their learning experience. Mr Mohammad Farooq, one of our drivers, has expressed his eagerness, “I am very happy to attend the program and my communication skill has improved after attending few classes.”


CIWJ Supports SmartReading Program
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  • Ramiz Raja - April 22, 2018 reply

    Dear Management WJ,

    Can i join these classes. I am working out side WJ.

    Carizz Imbisan - April 22, 2018 reply

    Hi Ramiz! The classes are conducted by SmartLife, a nonprofit organization that is separate from WJ. WJ staff were only participants as well and we do not have control over who can or cannot attend their classes. Please check out their website or Facebook page so you can see their programs.

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