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Qatar Update: Work hard, play hard!


Recently, our Qatar base put together a cricket team called Magnum-11 consisting of the finest, most committed and enthusiastic sports fans from WJ Groundwater’s management and site teams.

Led by Govindaswamy Shankar they are now a fixture on the local Doha league tables and have proved to be a force to be reckoned with – Magnum Force.

The last match of the season wass on Qatar National Day on 18th December, the results will be reported on WJ Groundwater’s Facebook page so watch this space. The team practices at the Corniche in the city and near the team’s workstation in Qatar Economic Zone-01 that offers lots of open spaces to spread out and enjoy a few innings.


Magnum-11 vs. Friends Cricket Club (FCC)

First match: WJ: 109 runs (1 wicket) / FCC: 111 runs (5 wickets)

A narrow win for FCC…

Second match: WJ: 152 runs (2 wickets) / FCC: 150 runs (6 wickets)

A narrow win for us!

Man of the match was the captain – Mr Rijin, who achieved 139 runs scored! Well done, here’s to even more exciting wins for Magnum-11.

For a full introduction to the team visit wj-me.com/blog

dsc_0602team-group-photo-1 team-group-photo-2 dsc_0602

WJ GroundwaterQatar Update: Work hard, play hard!
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