WJ Middle East provides a wide range of services to meet all your groundwater needs.

WJ Middle East leads the field in design, installation and maintenance of dewatering systems for construction sites of all sizes and depths. We design, install and operate four primary types of dewatering systems: deepwell systems, wellpoints systems, sump pump systems, and ejector well systems.

Benefits of dewatering

It is no secret that groundwater can pose one of the largest risks to a construction project. WJ not only aims to help our clients understand and manage these risks, but also provide competitive and practical dewatering solutions which:

  • Provide a ‘dry’ excavation
  • Improve excavation stability
  • Pump water free of silts and sands
  • Reduce temporary shoring measures
  • Reduce environmental impacts
  • Improve safety for your work force
  • Reduce project costs and programme time

Pump rental for dewatering services in the Middle East

Equipment rental for Dewatering

Part of the WJ Group, WJ Middle East provides equipment rental services for a wide range of dewatering applications throughout the Middle East and Overseas. WJ specialise in turnkey rental solutions with a complete design, installation, operation and maintenance service.

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WJ Middle East Projects

We deliver an outstanding service to clients of all size, from simple residential dewatering to large-scale national projects.

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