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Water Well Drilling in the Desert

Whilst dewatering is WJ’s MO, we have also drilled hundreds of water supply and geothermal boreholes worldwide. Recently WJ Dubai were awarded the contract to install new water supply wells at four inland locations by DEWA (The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority). 

The works involve the installation, development, commissioning and testing of 65no wells, 92m in depth at four sites. These wells will provide an environmentally friendly way of providing fresh natural water to feed in to the existing water ring-main that supplies fresh water to the 3.3million population of Dubai. 

Whilst drilling in challenging conditions is second nature to WJ’s highly trained staff, there were a number of additional challenges on this project. The wells are all located in the desert, where not only have we had to deal with the hot temperatures and dry conditions, but also the very inquisitive local wildlife – particularly the camels! This is certainly a different site security challenge to what we are used to! 

The drilling works are well underway, with the intention for them to be installed by the end of 2023. 

You can learn more about WJ’s drilling capabilities, and contact us to see how we can assist on your project on our website https://wj-me.com/contact/   

Dan CarpenterWater Well Drilling in the Desert
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    I am interested

  • Chang Lin - December 26, 2023 reply

    At competitive pricing, we are pleased to supply you with quality drilling equipment and tools for investigation of geology and exploration.

  • ابراهيم سعدودي - April 10, 2024 reply

    بحث عن عمل

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