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Abu Dhabi Wellpoint Installation

WJ Middle East are in full swing installing wellpoints on an Island in Abu Dhabi to assist a Client with dewatering their trenching works. WJ were called up to provide a cost effective dewatering solution for trenching works for laying services next to the sea. WJ could fulfil our Client’s immediate requirement as we have our own fleet of drilling rigs and wellpoint pumps.

Wellpoints are commonly used in Abu Dhabi and Dubai to provide 2 to 4 meters of drawdown to provide dry and stable conditions for installing services such as cables and drainage pipework. They can be installed on a single side or on both sides of the trench where greater flows or drawdown is required. The wellpoints were installed by one of WJ’s water flush rotary drilling rigs to provide a high quality installation as rock was 3m below ground level, allowing each wellpoint to be flushed during drilling. WJ made use of its latest HDPE headermain pipework to allow for rapid installation and simple leap-frogging to meet the Client’s requirements.

WJ offer wellpoint installation via a range of methods:

  • Jetting lance / tube (good for loose sands);
  • Hydraulic auger attachment (can be fitted to 12 ton or larger excavator fitted with 6m long auger; can be attached to Client or WJ supplied excavator);
  • WJ Midi Excavator with drilling mast and auger (WJ’s 6.5 ton excavators are purpose built for installing wellpoints; cost effective and fuel efficient; ideal for sands and weak rock);
  • WJ SM14 drilling rig with water flush (Rapid installation with 6m mast and high quality wellpoint installation ideal for silty and fine sand as well as rock conditions).

Call WJ Middle East today for all your Wellpoint Dewatering Needs. Whether single line, double line or double stage wellpoints, WJ have a competitive solution for you.

CIAbu Dhabi Wellpoint Installation
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  • Ayub - October 10, 2021 reply

    I would like to inquire about well point digging in Al safa for dewatering services in construction site.

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