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Deepwell System for Underground Station Boxes

Dubai Expo 2020 will be the first World Fair to come to the Emirati states, and is a significant engineering and construction investment. One of the instrumental elements of this project is the construction of new transport infrastructure, including the Route 2020 underground metro extension from Nakheel Harbour and Tower Metro Stations to the Expo 2020 site.

WJ-ME were brought on board by the main contractor EXPOLINK to provide our dewatering expertise and ensure the construction of the new station boxes could be undertaken in dry and safe conditions. The fixed 2020 deadline meant the client required a reliable dewatering contractor capable of delivering a project to budget and schedule, and WJ-ME’s expertise in deepwell dewatering and analytical 3D modelling ensured this was the case!

Prior to the works commencing on site, WJ-ME undertook extensive 3D analytical modelling through the development of hydraulic simulations which were able to provide accurate assessments of the requirements and performance of the dewatering system, as well as an indication of flowrates and drawdown rates in line with the clients programme. Our model indicated a system of almost 100no. internal and external deepwells, supplemented with an external peripheral discharge network, was the most appropriate system to ensure the dry excavation of the new station box.

Numerical Model Output showing the water head

       Figure 1: Numerical Model Output showing the water head

WJ-ME’s deepwell dewatering system infrastructure was built with a level of redundancy so only if excessive flows were encountered would significant system upgrades be required, however the continuous monitoring and analysis allowed WJ’s expertly trained and highly experienced staff to adjust the system throughout the works in order to best suit the current site requirements, further minimizing the risk of project delays and unexpected costs for the client.

Deepwell Dewatering System installed for Underground Metro Station construction

Figure 2: Deepwell Dewatering System installed for Underground Metro Station construction

WJ-ME have delivered a cost effective system design and its successful installation, operation and system maintenance have made not only the contractor but also the client complete their works within a challenging timeframe and to a tight budget.

KLDeepwell System for Underground Station Boxes
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