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Sewage Bypass and Plugging Works

WJ Middle East have successfully installed another sewage over pumping project in Abu Dhabi.

WJ was called in to divert sewage from an existing manhole to the main discharge network, allowing the construction of new manholes.

WJ brought time and cost savings to our client by including the installation of pipe plugs to block the existing sewage line. Just another service that WJ offer to make our Client’s life easier and provide a one stop service. On this project WJ’s team of confined space certified technicians installed 600mm pneumatic rubber stoppers. These inflatable pipe plugs once inserted are filled with compressed air to provide a water tight seal. The frictional resistance between the pipe and rubber plug prevents it from sliding inside the pipe. WJ can offer pneumatic plugs (stoppers) for pipe sizes ranging from 100mm to 2,000mm and pressure ranging from 0.4 to 3bar.

An unusual constraint on site was that there was no existing manhole or connection point to discharge the sewage. WJ took up the challenge by tapping three 4” lines directly to the buried HDPE sewer network using fusion welding techniques. These 4” lines then connected via a manifold at the surface to our 400mm HDPE network and our pumps.

Sewage was then diverted using our fuel-efficient BBA BA150 diesel engine driven centrifugal pumps along a central HDPE discharge lines. When operational it is estimated that the WJ bypass system will save our Client nearly 1/5 of their fuel bill compared to other pump suppliers in the market.

Our clients view WJ as a one stop service provider for stormwater & sewage over pumping and associated plugging works. Call us today to find out how we can save you time and money on your project.

Anu ThomasSewage Bypass and Plugging Works
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