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WJ Director attends Advisory Board Meeting

WJ Groundwater’s Paul Turner (Overseas Director) (front row – far right) attended the Spring 2016 Meeting of the Advisory Board of the Department of Civil Engineering. The board met at the AUD School of Engineering in Dubai on 22nd March (2016).

The attendees consist prominent professionals from across a range of civil engineering disciplines. The main role of the meeting is to update and advise the University on its civil engineering programme and curriculum, and to assist the Department of Civil Engineering in formulating and implementing its strategic priorities for the future.

Topics for panel discussion on this occassion included:

  • Collaboration Opportunities
  • Conferences
  • MSCM
  • Summer Internships
  • Research

Alongside regular board members – other key industry figures listed below attended and contributed to the valuable discussions of the evening.

  • Mr. Elias Seraphim, CEO, Gulf Precast
  • Mr. Hassan Dajani, Managing Director, Bentley Systems
  • Mr. Mario Seneviratne, Director Sustainability, Green Technologies
  • Mr. Salah Al Dilimi, Section Manager, Rail Infrastructure Management, RTA
WJ Group AdminWJ Director attends Advisory Board Meeting
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