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Drawdown acheived for Al Dafnah District, Qatar

WJ Groundwater is currently working with Dutch Foundation to dewater a 2B+G+1+30 residential building in Doha, Qatar. The property is located in the Al Dafnah District, also known as the Diplomatic Area. The project consultant is LACASA (Qatar).

The WJ Groundwater team led by Noel Melendez (Project Manager) and Vijayakumar (Site Engineer) is deploying a number of deepwells that are supplemented by a level of trenching and sumping to control groundwater levels.

The site is within 150 m of the seashore.  The property has a two-storey basement and a maximum excavation depth of 14.1 m below ground level with a total area of 80 m x 65 m.

“Despite the site’s proximity to the sea and the very high inflows, WJ Groundwater’s reliable, robust design and high capacity pumping system ensured that the drawdown was achieved and maintained without causing any delay to the project,” said Noel.

The dewatering for the project commenced on 1 November 2015 and is expected to be completed on in October 2016.

WJ Groundwater is an industry expert across a range of infrastructure sectors that includes; ports and marine, motorways, tunnels and shafts, to name a few. We are known specialists in:

    • Dewatering & Groundwater Control 
    • Testing Services
    • Remediation & Treatment
    • Drilling & Probing
    • Monitoring
    • Ground Source Energy Systems 

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WJ GroundwaterDrawdown acheived for Al Dafnah District, Qatar
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