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Dewatering with Electric Wellpoint Pumps

Did you know that WJ Middle East offer electric wellpoint pumps as well as diesel. If your project has mains power or is running large site generators with spare capacity, an electric pump can help save your project time and money.

An electric pump is ideal for refurbishments or extensions to existing buildings, and for use in confined spaces such as pits and tunnels where air and noise pollution is to be considered. It can also be beneficial where access for refilling diesel pumps is not available.

In the Middle East the go to wellpoint pump is a centrifugal pump typically operated by a diesel engine. It typically uses between 3 and 4 litres of diesel an hour. Compare that to a 5.5kw electric piston wellpoint pump, and the savings per month can be sizeable. Contact WJ for more information and our sales team can help you find the most cost effective solution tailored to your project.

Anu ThomasDewatering with Electric Wellpoint Pumps
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