If you’re looking for pump action to impress your friends, look no further than the BBA BA300K.

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Product Description

The BA300K is an extremely efficient dewatering and sewage pump. It offers one of the best pump capacity to fuel consumption ratios in the market. It offers pumping capacity up to 390l/s whilst consuming only 19 ltr/hr, nearly half the fuel consumption of rival pumps. It achieves this by having an optimum discharge head capacity of up to 18m. This makes it the pump of choice for overpumping, bypass and diversion jobs where discharge heads are relatively low. WJ Groundwater have successfully used the BA300K for diverting sewage at several pumping stations, finding that the semi-open impeller is extremely resistant to blocking from rags and debris. In summary the BA300K is a high efficiency pump that minimises fuel consumption, and offers reliabilty and confidence.

Additional information


Max. 0-20 mwc

Pump Type


Pump Medium

Water, Sewage


Max 1000-2000 m3/h