Chilled Water Pipeline Flushing: Deira, Dubai

Pipeline Flushing Pumps

Deira Waterfront is a development in the Deira area of Dubai. Upon completion, the area will be bustling with the addition of hotels, shops, restaurants, parks, a bicycle route, a new waterfront market which will sell fresh fish, fruit, vegetables and other meats, plus the expansion of the current standing souk.

Pipeline flushing is common in the UAE due to the wide-scale use of district cooling systems. These systems are vital towards the smooth running of the air conditioning systems used, but over time they can clog with a build up of a number of things.

WJ Middle East were called in to assist with chilled water pipeline flushing at Deira Waterfront to clear the pipes of any unwanted debris so the systems can continue to work effectively. In total, 14 flushing pumps were provided to achieve this.

The main contract work involved the rental of centrifugal diesel engine flushing pumps and accessories; the peak flow was 900m3/hr @ 6-8 bar for each of the pumps.

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