Anu Thomas

WJ Truck Launching

WJ Middle East are excited to welcome two new members to the fleet, WJ’s specialist Truck with a 17 ton crane, and our latest 10 ton forklift.

Plugging Works

WJ Middle East are getting ready to do some more plugging works. Did you know that WJ Middle East hold a range of inflatable plugs in stock?

Wellpoint Dewatering

It is Wellpoint Wednesday at WJ and this week’s dewatering installation is for a residential villa in Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE.

Dewatering with Electric Wellpoint Pumps

Did you know that WJ Middle East offer electric wellpoint pumps as well as diesel. If your project has mains power or is running large site generators with spare capacity, an electric pump can help save your project time and money.

WJ Groundwater Safety Campaign

WJ Middle East is committed in delivering reliable and efficient services on a safe and healthy working environment that will ensure everyone would go home to their families secured and unharmed.

Storm water Over pumping at Dubai Downtown

Dubai Downtown has seen several capacity upgradations since its inception. The existing networks are constantly being enhanced to meet future demand. Areas in and around Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall are being developed with a futuristic outlook. WJ Middle East undertook the storm water over pumping works using our CD250 diesel centrifugal pumps as the