Anu Thomas

WJ Middle East Celebrates Diversity and Inclusion

As part of our Wellness Activity, on 16 November 2023, WJ Middle East hosted an extraordinary Cultural Diversity Activity. This special event brought together the diverse backgrounds and culinary delights of our employees, resulting in a day filled with delicious flavors and unforgettable experiences. As soon as we stepped into the venue, the air was

Richard Fielden’s UAE Visit

WJ Middle East last week were pleased to welcome our Managing Director Richard Fielden to visit a few of our projects and yard in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Time for a quick team photo at the Mina Tunnel project to see a section of the dewatering currently under way in Abu Dhabi. We then visited

WJ Flushing Tank

20ft open type water storage tank suitable for network and district cooling flushing, pipeline pigging and pipeline chemical cleaning for onshore and offshore applications. The tank has no partitions and flange outlets can be arranged according to client requirement. Contact WJ Middle East for Equipment Rentals

WJ CD225 Centrifugal Pump

Our 8” x 8” centrifugal pump unit that can handle a duty point of 500m3/hr@25m head for clear and wastewater overpumping applications in various industries. It has a solids handling capacity of up to 3” and has dry running capability as the mechanical seal sits on its own oil bath for extreme site conditions. Contact

WJ OP100 Dewatering Pump

OP100 Dewatering Pump Zone 2 on a 4 Point Lifting Frame is a suitable for trench water removals during Oil Refinery shutdowns and other small dewatering applications in various industries.

Heidra 200 Hydraulic Submersible Pump

Heidra 200 hydraulic submersible pump unit is a very convenient pumping equipment to use for water and wastewater applications like; overpumping and tank to tank transfers. Also good for draining ships holder, cleaning out lagoons and lakes.

SC250 Split Case Pump

The SC250 is a Split Case pump unit which is a high flow and high head pump commonly used in Flushing (infrastructure), Pipeline Flooding (Oil and Gas) and Booster and Water Circulation.